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    Top 8 Reasons Why Your Business Needs A Website

    There are plenty of reasons why your business needs a great website design. Here is a look at the top 8 reasons why your business needs a website.

    Let Customers Know Who You Are

    Even as a small business it is important to have a website that is active online. Many customers use the Internet to search for products and businesses that offer what they need. If you do not have an active website then these customers will not be able to find you and you will potentially lose business. Continue reading

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  • Building a Business

    3 great tips to keep your small business organised

    Your small business’ organisation sets the tone for your company’s success in the long run. In the early days of launching your small business, organisation and communication is achieved a lot more easily because of the small number of employees. It is however crucial to establish a routine for organisation that can grow as your business grows. Here are three key tips to keep your business organised:

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  • Social Media

    6 Tips to improve your small business’s Facebook presence

    Most businesses today have a social media presence and Facebook is at the forefront with more than 40 million active small businesses pages. But how much effort are you devoting to optimising your Facebook page and engaging your followers and friends? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your page or even posted something, this could mean major lost opportunities for your small business. Here are six quick tips to help you improve your small business’s Facebook presence. Continue reading

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  • How To Building a Business

    How to improve your confidence in business

    Your confidence has a huge impact on your small business’s success. Confidence will help convince customers to buy from you and it will determine hoe effectively you manage your employees and engage with investors and partners.

    Some people seem to have been born confident, but for most it’s a learned skill that can always be built upon and improved. Here are five great tips to help you develop and improve your confidence: Continue reading

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