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Softwate Update

Update to our Social Networking Membership Tools

In May, as we never tire of pointing out, we catapulted your WebEden Website Builder into the dizzy world of social networking.

Lots of you have grabbed the new tools and are making really good use of them. You’re setting up membership permissions; inviting people from your social networks to become members of your site; and updating Facebook from your WebEden site.

We’ve had feedback too about how the tools could be improved, so we’ve worked hard to upgrade them.

Here’s what we’ve done:

Setting a redirect page after login

Hopefully a popular one this. The update allows you to your members to a ‘success’ page after they have logged in to your site. This is a great opportunity to redirecting them to the ‘members home page’, or another page that you want them to look at. You can set the ‘post login page’ on the Settings tab of the ‘People’ section when editing your site.

Disabling Facebook Connect login

Facebook Connect allows new or existing members of your site to login using their Facebook credentials, so they have no need to create a new user account on your site. This speeds up the joining process, and makes it easier for you to attract new members.

It also ties together with the ability to post out a note to your Facebook wall from the ‘Send a message’ section of ‘People’, which is a great way to invite people to join your site.

This update allows you to disable the Facebook Connect login options for members This update allows you to turn Facebook Connect off!

If its so great, why turn it off? Well it seems that it doesn’t always fit with your plans to grow your websites: some customers (especially business users) had requested this.

Once again, you can change the settings to disable Facebook Connect on the ‘Settings’ tab in the ‘People’ section.

Have a go with the updates, and let us know what you think.

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