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Website Builder Tutorials: How to set up Google Analytics

Hopefully by now you’ve built a website that you’re at least partially happy with. And if you’ve installed a site counter then you’ll at least know you’re getting some visitors. But where are those visitors coming from? Are they clicking through from another site, or are they coming from Google? And which pages are they looking at on your website? And how long are they staying there?

To answer these and many more questions you need to install Google analytics on your website. Google analytics is one of the best web analytics tools, and best of all its free. Here’s how to set it up on your WebEden website.

How did you get on? What have you found out about your visitors?

We’ve added more tutorials on this series on Google analytics:

Here is a basic guide to Google Analytics

Here is how to segment your data and export reports

Here is how to exclude yourself from your website traffic data.

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