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Four great (and free) online tools to help you build a website

A few months ago we brought you news of a free online tool that gives you feedback on your website design. 5-second test shows your site to volunteers for 5 seconds, and then asks them to write down what they think your website is all about.

You can use those comments to improve your website, and make it easier for users to understand and navigate.

That post has been so popular that we’ve pulled together three more free online tools to help you in your website building.


Paint.net is free tool that lets you create or edit images, and then save them for use on your website. It’s like a ‘photoshop lite’ for those of us with out the cash (or the patience) for the full blown software.

With Paint.net you can build up your images in layers, adding complexity and texture. You can manipulate each individual layer at any time. Once you’re happy with your image you can flatten it, and then save it many different files types.


On Zamzar.com you can convert almost any file type to any other file type. Have you got an excel file that you want to turn into a PDF? Or what about a PDF that you want to turn into Word so that you can edit it? Zamzar can do the lot.

Zamzar can also convert a wide rang of music, video, image and compressed files.

Here’s just a few of the extensions that Zamzar can deal with: .ods; .odt; .ppt; .pptx; .ps; .pub; .rtf; .docx; .doc; .xls; .xlsx; .cvs; .odp;  .wpd; .wps… the list goes on.

Zamzar can also convert iTunes files to mp3.

The other cool thing about Zamzar is that you can add a button to your browser toolbar that lets you click on Youtube videos, convert and save them.


One side effect in the digital-camera-megapixel-race is that the files that modern digital cameras produce are now pretty massive. Do you ever have large photos that take an age to download? Ones that you could blow up to the size of a poster? Would be useful to cut them down to size, possibly for use on your website?

With Imagemerger.net/resize.php you can do just that. You can specify the % reduction you want to apply to your image.

Imagemerer.net also has some other cool image manipulation tools – one which blends two photos together.


Colorzilla is a free extension for the Firefox browser that can help you to choose the right colour for all the elements of your website.

You can download Colorzilla from the Firefox website. It has a colour picker that sits in the bottom left hand corner of your browser window. If you want to know what the RGB colour of anything on the web, simply click the colour picker and then click on the website that you want to know the colour of.

Colorzilla then displays the RGB and Hex values of that colour.

Check these free tools out and let us know what you think.

Do you know any free online tools that you can share?

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