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Google Products

Have you got your Google Goggles on?

We’ve always maintained that Google is a great innovator. At a Google run technology event a couple of weeks ago they again demonstrated their forward thinking. The Internet is now awash with excitement about what the worlds’ biggest Internet company is going to bring us next.

First up its Google Goggles. This is a tool that lets you search using pictures rather than words.

How does that work?

Basically you take a picture of something, and Google attempts to recognise it. Google then searches for information about it just as if you had typed the name of the object into the search field. It can also distinguish text too.

At the moment it only works for mobile phones that run the Google (Android) operating system. Users can download Goggles as an app.

Vic Gundotra, Google’s VP of engineering said that Google Goggles was made possible because Google had captured and stored and labeled images of more than a billion things. He also said that he expected this type of technology to become much more popular.

“Today marks the beginning of this journey,” he said. “It’s our goal to be able to visually identify any image.”

Shailesh Nalawadi, a product manager for Google Goggles said: “Sometimes a picture really is worth a thousand words. For many search queries, using an image to search is easier and more useful than text alone, especially on a mobile,”

Google Translate

Google also showcased a new translation product which would translate your spoken word into a number of common languages. To make it work, users speak a phrase into their handset, and press translate. The system then analyses the words, translates them and then speaks the newly translated word back through the phone’s speaker.

It is hoped that this will be available in the first part of 2010.

Exciting stuff from Google. But the question we’re all asking here is: when will they finally invent personal jet packs?

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