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Softwate Update

An easy way to use your WebEden Webmail service

Ever since we launched our domain registration service in September 2008, thousands of you have registered a domain name.

Most use these domain names to replace the .webeden.co.uk bit of your website address. And  many others have made use of the 5 free email addresses that we give away with every domain name.

These email addresses mean that you can send and receive emails on your very own domain name. You can either use our webmail service or use a desktop client such as Outlook. You can read more advice and watch a video tutorial on how to set up your email.

Should you ever encounter a problem getting to your webmail service from the WebEden Domain Names page, or you get errors in your email client (Outlook), then there is a quick and easy way to access your Webmail.

All you need to do to access your account is to use:


In other words, replace the ‘www’ bit of your domain with ‘webmail’. This brings up your webmail login page.

You need to fill out the boxes with:

1. Top Box: Your full email address

2. Bottom Box: Your email password

Make sure you use your email password and not a password for anything else.

Every email address with a mailbox on that domain can access webmail in the same way. Don’t forget to use the mail box name not an alias.

Bookmark it for later

Remember, you might need this page again so bookmark it to make it quick and easy to find later.

That’s it!

Good luck collecting your Webmail in this new way!

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