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Happy sixth birthday Facebook!

Last week there was a little birthday party over at Facebook. The social network is now six years old.

And the quite frankly stunning fact is that Facebook now has over 400 million users. That’s  doubled in the last year alone. It’s more people than live in the US, the UK and Australia, all added together.

New Navigation tools

To mark the anniversary, Facebook unveiled a new set of navigation tools. They’re all about improving user experience and have been at the direct request of consumers.

The changes include a drop down menu on the member homepage that lists the latest notifications, requests and messages.

Users can also see a red bubble on the left hand corner of the page, which lets them know that one of their friends has written on another’s wall or tagged them in a photo.

Let’s Celebrate!

On the Facebook blog founder Mark Zuckerberg said “After the launch we’re going to celebrate with a Hackathon – an event where all of us stay up all night coding and building out our new ideas for our next wave of products for you.”

Oh those crazy guys, they sure know how to have a party…

You can of course integrate your WebEden website with Facebook (and Twitter). This can be an important way to reach out to new users. Here’s some advice on how to do that.

Where will Facebook be in another year. A billion users? A new world order? Another terrible party? Leave us a comment below.

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The WebEden February 2010 Newsletter

For the last 18 months or so we’ve been updating you all with a monthly email newsletter. These have highlighted the best bits from the blog. Just in case you haven’t recieved them – or lost them! – we’re going to be publishing them here too.

Here’s the February 2010 Newsletter

This month we launched the WebEden forum! Use it to ask questions, give advice, and get the most out of the WebEden Website builder.

We’ve launched hundreds of new website builder templates for you to use. Be inspired!

Here’s a nice shortcut that lets you access your Webmail from anywhere.

Are you stuck for something to say on Twitter? Here’s some ideas about what to Tweet.

Buy a domain name and you can get rid of the ‘.webeden.co.uk’ bit of your website address. Here’s a video tutorial on buying a domain name to show you how.

Want video on your website? Here’s video tutorial on how to put YouTube clips on your website.

If you’ve got any feedback, please leave a comment on the blog!

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