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Microsoft starts advertising Bing in the UK

Despite some ups and downs, Microsoft’s newest search engine ‘Bing’ has generally been judged to be successful.

The search engine has some innovative new features, not least of which is the ability to preview web pages before you actually click through to them. From a look and feel perspective it’s very pleasant – the starting screen is usually a stunning landscape picture.

Market share

In the US it has captured a significant share of the search engine market, although this has come at the expense of other Microsoft search platforms, and Yahoo, rather than market leading Google.

There of course it has been helped by an advertising campaign estimated to have cost in the region of $100m – quite a persuasive amount of money.

In the UK Bing is capturing just 4% of the search queries, vs Yahoo’s 6% and Google’s 88%. But all that may be about to change as Microsoft announced they would kick off a huge campaign for the UK search engine.

A Decision Engine?

The campaign questions the need for the “information overload” that Google provides. It champions Bing’s ability to deliver clear and concise results. The creative carries the strapline ‘Bing and decide” and attempts to position Bing as a ‘decision engine’. Microsoft wants users to imagine that Bing cuts through the clutter of the Internet to find the answers they need.

There are three TV ads in all – kicking off today and running for three months – and you’ll start to see ads for Bing on Social Networking websites too.

Here’s the first one:

Are you a fan of Bing? Have you even tried it? What about having a go at the blind search test to see which search engine you really prefer? Leave us a comment below.

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