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How to Sell your Skills online

We talk quite a lot on this blog about how to set up a website so that it makes you money. That money might come in the form of online sales; it might come in the form of leads on your website, as people express an interest in your service. And it might come in the form of advertising, as you can place google Adsense on your website.

Of course, there are other ways to make money online. One of the fastest growing are websites where you can offer your skills and elbow grease on a project by project basis.

People who need things doing can post their project online; if you want to complete it, then you can bid to do so. You make money, the project owner gets the work done.

One of these skills based sites is called PeoplePerHour.com. You can bid online for projects and work by the hour. You need to explain why you can do the job, and how much you want to get paid for it. You have to pay a small slice of the fee to the site; the rest is yours to keep.

Here are some others:

iStockphoto.com: Earn money from selling your photography online
Mturk.com: Amazon’s very own ‘Mechanical Turk’ lets ‘employers’ post individual (and usually repetitive!) tasks. As a user you can have a look at who wants what doing, and sign up.
Elance.com: Like Mechanical Turk, but the jobs are much more complex and ‘professional’.
Guru.com: Similar to Elance, Guru.com is good for Writing, Graphic Design and Web Development tasks.

Are you interested in selling your skills online? Have you any experience of getting work from these websites? Leave us a comment below.

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