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How many? You’re kidding me! There are now 50 million tweets per day

Stone the crows – there are now 50 million tweets per day, which equates to 600 per second. Thats an increase of 20 fold on this time last year.

The growth is incredible. Back in 2007 (when we were all playing with our ZX Spectrums) there were around 5,000 a day. In 2008 it was about 300,000 a day. And at the same time last year it was 2.5 million a day. That’s an average annual growth rate of 1,400%!

That places Twitter ahead of MySpace, where there are around 33 million status messages a day. Myspace still has more users (around 50 million) but they’re not using the service to say as much.

Here’s a pretty graph that shows it all:

Youtube and Facebook are still a long way out in front. Its reckoned that there are – wait for it – around 1bn video views per day on Youtube.

And Facebook has around 1bn chat messages a day, and 1.2million photo views PER SECOND!

As we reported recently, Facebook users based has crashed through 400 million mark, meaning that for the moment it is pretty uncatchable.

As we’ve said previously [link], with so many users and so much traffic, its only a matter of time before Twitter rolls out its first commercial service.

There must be a pot of gold at the end of the Twitter rainbow!

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