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Website of the Week: ruthslater.com

OK we missed one last week but its time again for another ‘website of the week’!

This time its the atmospheric ruthslater.com which has been built by Alison Cross from alisoncross4webs.co.uk. The site makes great use of image galleries, and for advanced users – notice the website search box from Atomz!

Website Address:

When did you build your website?
I started it for an artist client, Ruth Slater, a few months ago, but only recently persuaded the artist to let me redesign the site to better reflect her ‘brand’.

Why did you build a website?
I wanted this artist (and others that I’ve worked for) to have a window on the web. Staging exhibitions or renting gallery space is so expensive, a virtual shop-window is a much simpler and less expensive way to let people see what you can do.

What do you like best about your website?
the e-commerce pages – easy to set up. I used the option that allowed the thumbnails to be expanded – but made each gallery a 1 x 1 image. I think it’s a good way to show off artwork.

What is your best website building tip?
Don’t be afraid to explore lots of options that you have never tried before – the software is updated regularly with new templates and tools, it’s worth playing with them to see whether something that you weren’t considering might work brilliantly for you. If it doesn’t, it’s all easily changed again.


Thanks Alison. If you want to be featured as our Website of the week, and get exposure to thousands of readers of the WebEden blog, visit the forum now!

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Domain Name Prices have gone up

Its raining. Its pouring. And we’ve had to put the price of our domain names up.

Up to now they’ve been £8.99/ €11.99 /$12.99 including VAT. From here they will be £10.99/ €12.99/ $14.99 including VAT.

Why are they going up?

The main reason the prices are going up is because the wholesale prices are going up.

The Domain Registry that manages .COM and .NET Domain Names is called Verisign, and they’ve increased the wholesale prices for the third time in the last 4 years. This rise is 7%. But that means they’ve gone up by 22% since 2006.

Secondly, its all about the exchange rate. Wholesale domain prices are set in US Dollars, and as you probably know the UK Pound has fallen a long way against the dollar.

Honest Pricing

We try to be as upfront as possible with our pricing. In contrast to other domain providers, we always quote the price including VAT.

The other thing you get with our domain names are 5 free email boxes. Many others don’t give you any email services. Here’s some advice on how to set up your email.

Domain vouchers are even better value

As you will continue to get a free domain name voucher with the Standard and Plus accounts, and two with the Max, these represent even better value.

We don’t like price increases

It doesn’t feel very good putting your prices up. And its definitely not the way we want to go. Even though we’re constantly working to improve our website builder, we’ve not plans to put the prices up. In fact, they haven’t gone up for 5 years!

That’s it for now – please leave any feedback below.

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