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Search the Twitter Archive

Google have created an archive of Tweets that you can search through. The archive shows what people were saying on a topic at a point in history, and the volume of comments too.

Google say they have created this archive as they say it provides great insight into events as they happened, and how people reacted to them.

To find the new tool, choose ‘updates’ from the left hand menu of the new look Google results page. At the top of the page is a chart which looks like this:

You can click on a point in the timeline and check out the Tweets that were being published.

The screengrab example above looks at the pattern of ‘golden gate park’ tweets. There’s a daily spike in mentions each afternoon, probably because people are more likely to be in the park. There’s a big peak on the 27th March, which is explained by the very sunny weather in San Francisco that day – more people were talking about going to the park.

You can replay any type of Tweets – try taking a look at some that are relevant and local to you. What did you find? Leave us a comment below.

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