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Facebook Open Graph – are you For or Against?

A couple of weeks ago we let you know about our new Facebook ‘like’ button on the WebEden homepage [link]. And thanks to some genius coding from in house pro Raybo, we’ve made it possible for all of you to add a Facebook ‘like’ button to your website too.

If you click the ‘like’ button, it adds a status update in Facebook that says that you like that page.

Socialising the Web

It’s called the Facebook ‘Open Graph’ program, and it is Facebook’s attempt to ‘socialise’ the web by publishing information about the websites and products that Facebook’s 500m users like to visit.

Promoting your Website

There’s a huge benefit if you’re a website builder. By letting your users ‘like’ your website, it is automatically promoted to all their friends. It also allows you to broadcast how popular you are to all visitors to your website, and give the impression that you are part of a larger community

Another significant upside for website builders is that you can also add a tracking code that lets you see how many people have viewed this status update –  a measure of how ‘viral’ your campaign is.

Taking over the Web?

It’s by no means all good news. Comment on ReadWriteWeb says that “Facebook’s ambition is to kill off its competition and use 500 million users to take over entire Web”.

By default all Facebook users and website builders are being used to distribute Facebook functionality across the Internet. In effect, this makes Facebook the default platform to express likes, dislikes and preferences. All that info will be tracked by Facebook, and then used by advertisers in order to reach users with targeted messages.

From Private to Public

So Facebook will have made the transition from a platform where you can privately share information, images and videos, to a place where your interests and online life can be bought, sold, and accessed by 3rd parties.

What do you think of the Facebook Open Graph? A good tool for website builders, or an erosion of your privacy? Leave us a comment below.

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