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Social Media Softwate Update

WebEden Facebook Application now in Live Beta

There is a palpable sense of excitment here in the WebEden office. Raybo, our residence technological wizard, has turned the WebEden Website Builder into a Facebook Application! This means that you can now sign up to WebEden – and build a website – from within Facebook!

We need your help!

This is where you come in. We’re live, in Beta, but to iron out the bugs we really need some live testing.

We’ve been through it until we can’t see the wood for the trees, so it would be great to get your feedback too. Please help us by signing up to the WebEden Facebook Application and let us know if it all works OK!

How do I test it?

There are three ways you can find the WebEden Facebook Application.

1. Go straight to the application, which is at http://apps.facebook.com/webeden/

2. Go to Facebook, and search in the top search box for ‘webeden’. Click on the application in the drop down choice:

3. From the WebEden Facebook Page (which you can find here) just click on the ‘Website Builder’ tab:

Try it, Test it

Please try out the application and let us know if you can build a website. Try sharing the application with your friends to see if that sharing function really works. And then leave us some comments so we know what we need to do to make it better!

You can leave a comment below this post, on the forum, on the WebEden Facebook Page.

Thanks – and good luck!

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