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Website of the Week: Jewellery-Storeonline.co.uk

Well the last one was so good that we left it up there for not 1 week but 2. But now its time for another Website of the week.

Here’s jewellery-storeonline.co.uk, a newly established Internet-only outfit who aim to bring you ‘the best products at amazing prices’! The website is easy to navigate and clearly laid out, and shows that an ecommerce site doesn’t have to be complicated.

Website Address:


When did you build your website?

I started building my website roughly 3 – 4 weeks ago and I am now advertising on google hoping to drive potential customers in!

Why did you build a website?

I created my website as i researched the market and found that there was a gap in the market for low and high cost jewellery making accessories all on one site.

What do you like best about your website?

The thing i like best about my site is that i built it my self and everything is in fully working order. because i created it myself i can make alterations any time i want to.

What is your best website building tip?

My best website building tip would be that if your not happy with something change it, and also if you think of adding anything WRITE IT DOWN SO YOU DON’T FORGET!!!!!


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