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Google Realtime now has its own homepage

Last year we brought you news about a new type of search engine results called ‘Real time‘. The whole point of realtime search was to let you search the web for stuff going on right now. This is in contrast to the normal search results, which can show you a list comprised of websites ranging from a couple of weeks to several years old.

Google and Bing stoked their real time arms race by including results for Twitter. We had some fun showing how our Tweets were showing up in live on the Google Results Page.

Getting Twitter Results in the main search results was a bit confusing. For that reason, and perhaps to highlight its commitment to realtime, Google have decided that these results deserve their very own homepage.

Google have also added a raft of tools to help customise the results.

To start with, you can refine the results to focus just on your location or a geographical area you specify. It also has a ‘conversation view’ which lets you follow an actual discussion on a real-time web service such as Twitter. The data is organised from oldest to newest.

Google has added real-time content to its Google Alerts service, so you can now be made aware if a subject appears on Twitter.

Here’s a video explaining how you can get more out of it.

Is realtime any worthwhile? Are you interested in seeing results for the real-time web? Is this just of passing interest or does it offer any practical help to your use of Google? Leave us a comment below.

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