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Website of the Week: Transform-macedonia.net

This week’s best website is an international one – and one of the best we’ve seen.

Transform-Macedonia.net is the website for the Institute of Spiritual Development in Macedonia. It’s another strong design by Web Design studio Fractal Design. The site is tightly themed, uses great visual tricks such as a drop-shadow on the homepage video, and strikes a good balance between images, text and (that often forgotten necessity) space.

Website Address:


When did you build your website?

Completed July 2010

Why did you build a website?

It was for a client in Macedonia who is opening an Institute for Spiritual Development in the country.

What do you like best about your website?

I love the relationship between vimeo and webeden created by the HTML snippet.

What is your best website building tip?

Because webeden is soooo accessible you can create amazing websites, but also clutter the screen with too many gizmos. Don’t get excited about the number of features. Think about the viewer. We all start on google because the blank space relaxes us – do the same with your website.


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