Daily Archives: November 29, 2010

Google Products

So what’s new Google?

Any frequent visitor to the WebEden blog knows that we’re big fans of Google. As we discussed last year, Google innovates at a hectic pace, bringing out – and evolving – products at a pace unmatched by other businesses. In the last year alone Google launched 278 fully fledged products or services, each of which would have been a big launch for any other company.

To help keep up with all the new and exciting stuff going on Google have launched a new website called Google New.

They’re using this website to publish news about their latest products and services.

It includes an aggregation of all their blogs and pulls in their latest posts. You can also search Google products, and there’s a product of the day too.

The site also includes a directory every product, advert, developer tools and blogs.

Take a look google.com/newproducts. Or watch a video all about it below.

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