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Softwate Update

WebEden Free Website Charity Giveaway

We get all sorts of people building websites with WebEden.

Some have a hobby or an interest they want to share with the world. We have lots of clubs who want somewhere to show off team photos and results. Others are small businesses using the web to service customers and find new ones.

Last but not least are charities. Because the WebEden website builder is so easy to use (and so low cost), WebEden is a popular way for people in charities to build their own website.

We’re really happy to be able to serve this sector so well – so much so that we’re going to give away 100 Free Websites to charities.

Totally Free

We will pay for a year subscription to either WebEden Lite or Standard for any UK charity. This includes a free website, free website building tools, free hosting, a free domain name and up to 5 free email addresses. Free for a whole year.

How to qualify

All you need to be is a UK Charity registered with the Charity Commission. You need to use your free website for your charity. All we ask is that you add a link to your website indicating that this is a website provided by Website Builder WebEden.

How to Apply

To apply add the following details to the comments box below:

Your Name
Your Charity Name
Your Charity Number
What your Charity Does
Your Email Address
Your Phone  Number

What criteria will we use to select the winners?

The first 100 genuine applicants will receive a free website for their charity.

When will you find out if you have a free website?

Depending on how fast we receive applications, we hope to start notifying lucky recipients at the end of January.

That’s it!

We look forward to receiving your applications!

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