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Create a word picture for your website

Do you have trouble finding images for your website? Are you able to find a good matching image for your carefully crafted text?

If you’re anything like me, it’s a real challenge and part of the challenge is in the choice.

You can choose an image that you have taken, but the chances are that it lacks the right lighting and setting of a professional shot. You could also resort to searching on Google images, but of course run the risk of infringing someone else’s copyright. And then there’s buying images – I like fotolia.com – but you may not want to shell out each time.

Wordle is a fun way to create a relevant image without actually resorting to an image. This online service creates a word-based masterpiece from a paragraph of text on your (or any) web page.

You can choose from a basic cloud image popular on WordPress blogs, or something a little more artistic. Just go to Wordle.net/create and paste your text into the box.

Here’s a something made from the text of this post

Take a look and share with us what your image looks like!

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Webeden Issue 17.01.2011

Yesterday we attempted to deploy a new version of our software to the live servers but found serious performances issues that had not shown up in our testing. We have therefore reverted to the previous release and the system is once again stable. We will now investigate the cause of the problems before attempting to deploy the code again. Apologies for the impact this will have had on your site. Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

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