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Softwate Update

New Release: Background HTML and more

We’ve just released a new update to our Website Builder that bring to life some great features.

Background HTML: Tiling and more

On the 2nd of February update we gave you the option to have no background at all. We’ve now updated this feature so that now have a number of background HTML image options. This include tiling, no tiling, and horizontal or vertical tiling.

This give you a lot more flexibility. You might want to try anchoring the image to the top centre, or the top right or left. You can also choose whether the background image will be fixed in the browser or scroll with your page. Try it – it looks very cool.

Quick access to stuff

We’ve had lots of you saying that’s a pain in the proverbial and sometimes confusion. Now you have the option of ‘quick access’. If you double click on something that is on the page master, you can jump straight to it. This means you can double click on the background to reach the ‘background’ panel in the design menu. This makes moving around the control panel a lot quicker.

You can always turn off the feature by clicking ‘Edit’ > ‘Preferences’ and then turn off ‘Auto Page Master’.

Restricting your page length

Since we’re shortly going live with the new blog feature, we had to remove page length restrictions, since articles, posts and comments can flow on and make the page bigger. So the page length max of 3600 pixels has been removed, allowing you to make things as big as you want. What I would say is that pages beyond a certain length aren’t very engaging, so keep thinking about whether or not your website visitors like long pages.

That’s it!

Some quite nice design changes with this update – let us know what you think!

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