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New .XXX Domain Name Extension in the pipeline

What’s your favourite domain name extension? Have you opted for the .co.uk? Or are you a fan of the web’s biggest domain, the .com. What about one of the new domain extensions such as .biz or .info?

Well if you’re a fan of domain names then you might be excited to hear that there’s a new one on the way – the .XXX. But before you rush out and buy one beware: this is for adult content only!

The Internet’s governing body – the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) recently approved the new .XXX domain but will restrict it to ‘adult content’ Web sites.

ICANN have been chewing this over for a decade but gave it final approval at its annual meeting in San Francisco in March, voting 9-3 to approve the domain.

There’s actually quite a few governments, including the U.S., opposed the creation of the domains. And surprisingly, the Free Speech Coalition, which represents some of the adult industry, were also against it.

Perhaps the only ones to profit will be those selling the new domain extension – thought to cost $60 each.

And no, WebEden will not be offering the .XXX for sale!

What do you think – a good idea because it clearly marks out adults sites? Or is this just another money making exercise for ICANN and the registrars? Leave us a comment below.

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