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Softwate Update

Webeden Survey

We’d like to find out a bit more about who is using WebEden, your experiences, so we can learn how to make the system even better. We’ll share with you the interesting stuff we find out!

Please take a moment to complete the survey.

It will only take a minute... we promise!

What is your age range?







How long have you been online?

 Less than a year

 1-3 years

 4-8 years


Have you ever had previous design experience?



Have you ever paid to have a website built for you?



What is the purpose of your WebEden website?



If it is business – how much of your turnover is generated via the website?

 Under 10%





Did you use the WebEden ‘Build your own website’ system -

 To save money

 To retain control of the process/end product

 Because you felt you could do better than a professional

 Because you were interested in trying out the system


Which best describes how often you update your website?






How many people visit your website each month?

 Less than 100

 100 – 1000


 Don't know


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