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New shop builder release

Hey Webbies… We thought you would like a little update on a NEW release that was been pushed out on Tuesday.
We popped our heads around the door into the darkened room we keep the developers in and kindly asked if they had any updates for us. Here is what they said.

We know this has been a bug bare of many of you since we released the Shop Builder so we made sure that this was top priority on their list of to-do’s. The customer can now choose a quantity BEFORE they get to the payment gateway (which is much better).

(to activate this you will need to go to the Shopping Cart page, click on the widget itself and click UPDATE in the little editor box)


Shipping costs:

You can now change the shipping prices using one of three variables. Single Rate, Domestic shipping only or Domestic and International Rates. All can be accessed in the Settings section of the Shop Widget.

Tweaks to the Categories:

You now can hide any categories from your list so you can organise your products, and then link to hidden categories without them having to appear in the Category menu.

… and some new Shop templates  for you to use:

We have managed to update all the current shop templates too so they now include the new categories, quantities, shipping costs and payment options from this release.

Well that is it from us. We hope you enjoy all the updates, have a great Christmas holiday and see you all in the new year.

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