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Does surfing the web make you depressed?

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According to a survey published in Psychopathology journal, evidence has been found for a strong link between depression and the length of time spent surfing the web.

Researchers are saying that the longer people spend online, the less likely they are to be happy.

The survey – carried out by the Institute of Psychological Sciences at the University of Leeds said that some of those spending the longest online were found to be not just depressed but addicted too.

What is not clear however is whether spending a lot of time online leads to mental health issues, or whether it is symptomatic of those who already have some kind of problem.

Study leader Catriona Morrison said: “If you look at how dependent people feel they are on the internet that is likely to correspond with how happy or sad they feel.”

Those her team found to be seriously ‘Internet addicted’ spent more time browsing porn, gaming and online community sites. They were young too, with an average age of just 21.

Dr Morrison said that for the users the Internet was interfering “with their daily activities”.

“This study reinforces the public speculation that over-engaging in websites that serve to replace normal social function might be linked to psychological disorders like depression and addiction.

“We now need to consider the wider societal implications of this relationship and establish clearly the effects of excessive internet use on mental health,” she added

Has building a website got in the way of the rest of your life? Or is it the rest of life that gets in the way of your website building?! Can I tempt you to switch off, get up, and get outside! Leave us a comment below.

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    I can really relate to this! I sometimes find that the instant stimulation of things like Twitter and forums can really make me too buzzy – like I’m over adrenalised?

    That might sound stupid, but when I spend a long time tweeting, blogging etc, I start to get very cranky and irritated with people around me.

    Is it just me?!


  • admin


    [Whistles. Stares at ceiling]

  • http://debibirkin.com debi

    I can totally relate to this post..I’m commenting for heavens sake therefore I’m online when I should be working..since building my website last year I now feel under such pressure to constantly try to improve my site, reading blogs like this…
    Urged to add this, add that.and now tweet……..its like falling, you start spining and it just gets faster.
    The more time I’m urged to improve my website, the less time I spend actually working on designing new products, and yes it depresses me & takes the fun out of my work
    Working from home was getting out of the rat race
    Now i’m in the hamster wheel going faster every day