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From idea to business in 24 hours



Here’s an inspiring story from the world of ecommerce. It just shows you what the Internet can do for YOU (imagine poster with pointing finger etc.)

Last week some people set themselves a challenge to create an online business in 24 hours.

A group of young designers had a brainstorming session, sifted through the ideas they came up with, picked a winner and at 1 minute past midnight started working on their project.

The concept they had decided on was an online shop where you could shop by colour. Runner up ideas included DeathVolt – a website that stored usernames and passwords to be passed onto next of kin in the event of death; and ‘Lists’ – a site where you could create and share your top 10 lists of anything.

Developers grabbed some open source software and modified it to recognise colours in pictures. Others organised a feed from Tradedoubler.com that would aggregate products from a list of clothing retailers.

And did they manage to finish the job? You bet: They tested it by carrying out a colour search at 1 minute before midnight. The website went live just after.

The icing on the cake? The resultant website – DRHue.com, was then sold on Ebay for £3,100. Not bad for a days work!

A spokesman for design agency ‘Nonsense’ – who had been involved in the project – said that the idea behind the ’24-hour start up’ was to demonstrate to entrepreneurs how quickly ideas can be turned into reality online.

In actual fact, the founders were disappointed with the final sale price – they had hoped they’d get as much as £20k.

It does show what can be achieved when you have a clear idea of direction. WebEden allows you to build a website in a matter of minutes if not hours, meaning that you too take turn your ideas into virtual reality.

Have you managed to make your web project in a short timescale? Or have you laboured for months before your idea went live? Let us know about your experiences below.