Webeden Blog Archive Government Budget boosts searches for ‘tax’ and ‘benefit’

Government Budget boosts searches for ‘tax’ and ‘benefit’



We’ve talked a lot before about the effect that outside events have on what people search for online. From the summer to erupting volcanoes and the world cup, the first reaction to news for many is a search online for more information.

Emergency Budget

Now it’s the turn of George Osborne’s Emergency Budget to drive people onto Google seeking clarification. On 22nd July his announcements including a raft of measures aimed at reducing the deficit. Some taxes – such as VAT and Capital Gains – went up, whilst many benefits – such as child benefit -were frozen or cut.

Research from online monitoring firm Hitwise has revealed that even on the day of Osborne’s speech, 1 in every 179 searches was budget related.


There was a twofold increase in the number of searches for ‘government benefits’. Hitwise do note however that compare to last year benefit searches are in fact at a much lower background level.

And Taxes

As for taxes, these were up by nearly 12% for the quarter, ending June 2010, which is in fact a full 28% up over the same period last year. ‘Capital gains tax’ topped the tax related search counter, followed by ‘Council Tax’, ‘VAT, ‘income tax’ and ‘national insurance’.

What does this mean for you?

If you’re a website builder who has content related to the budget, this was a potential opportunity to get more visitors to your website. If you rank highly for ‘tax’ and ‘benefits’ then people may well have arrived on your site looking for information.

Writing about stuff that users are searching for is a strategy used by many website builders – not least the national press – to grab traffic to their site. Are there upcoming events that are already relevant to your website that might help you get more visitors?