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Internet Explorer is on the slide

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Last year we talk about the different browsers you have the choice of using when surfing the Internet. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer has long been the most popular browser, not least because it comes packaged with almost every computer sold.

IE on a Downward Spiral

Over the last 4 years however, Internet Explorer’s (IE) grip on the market has been loosening. The first upstart to dislodge IE was Firefox, a free browser developed by the Mozilla foundation. More recently, Google have tried to muscle into the market with ‘Chrome’. Last Christmas Google spent a fortune promoting Chrome which they claim is lighter, faster, and crashes less.

Proof from Google Analytics

If you have Google analytics on your website, you can see which browsers your visitors are using to access your website. Here’s a screen shot from WebEden.co.uk’s very own Google analytics:

As you can see IE is still very much the biggest player. But it’s being caught, most noticeably by Firefox. Chrome, whilst small, is growing at the fastest rate.

Indepedent Data

Whilst these figures are for WebEden, independent data from NetApplications has shown that IE market share dropped below 60% in April, for the first time ever. Firefox is 2nd overall with 24.6%. And Chrome has 6.7%.

Google Eating Microsoft

According to Netapplications, Google Chrome’s growth is at the expense of IE rather than Firefox. As Google provides significant funds to the Mozilla foundation, its going to be interesting to see what happens when Chrome starts eating away at Firefox’s user base.

My Favourite

For my part I like Firefox. It’s easy to use, quick, and very customisable. If you need a regular task completed, the  chances are that you can find an extension to do that for you. Others here in the WebEden office prefer Chrome. I can’t find anyone still on IE.

Which is your favourite browser and why? Leave us a comment below.

  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    Love Firefox! I can spend a happy hour changing my persona ;-) Although I wish people would remember that the whole point of the persona-ed area is to READ THE BLOOMIN’ BUTTONS!


    I had a bit of a run in at the weekend with Virgin who sent out an e-mail with a big red autofix button in the middle. Of course, I pushed the button, but never read right through to the end of the e-mail. The autofix only worked in IE, not firefox or opera etc.

    A terse tweet from me requested that this sort of information should go BEFORE the red button.

    But just goes to show that IE is still regarded as The Norm.

    Ali x

  • admin

    That’s true – made the switch so long ago I am always surprised to see anyone still using it.

    Virgin have a very good Twitter response team – did they resolve your stuff? They were on my complaint like shot!


  • http://www.alisoncross4webs.co.uk Alison Cross

    Once I had worked out that it was Firefox that was the problem, the change worked a-ok. However, I use the virgin servers for my outgoing mail from other accounts….and now the bloody things won’t ‘send’. And I’ve checked all the outgoing settings……and it’s been SO long since I accessed them by webmail that I’ve forgotten my log in details.

    Technology can be a right PIA sometimes.

    Ali x

  • admin

    Aarrrrrrrrgh! IMHO A PIA indeed! Think I’ll get the old fountain pen out and stick to letters…