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Is Internet Explorer on the way back up?

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Earlier this year we covered a story about the decline of Internet Explorer. And last year I went on about why Firefox is my favorite browser.

But the latest Internet stats show that I might have been a bit premature in predicting the demise of Internet Explorer (IE).

Against the trends, IE market share actually grew in June 2010 for the first time in a year, to back over 60%. The growth was less than 1%, but it’s against a background of constant and significant declines.

The figures were compiled by Statistics from Net Applications, who have attributed the growth to recent advertising campaigns for the latest version of the browser, IE8.

Despite this growth, IE has a lot to do to regain previous highs. As recently as July 2008 it was being used by over 75% of Internet users.

The re-growth of IE was at the expense of my favorite browser Firefox, which dropped from 24% to 23%.

Another loser was niche browser Opera, which dropped a fraction of a % to just over 2%. Google Chrome and Apple’s Safari were up slightly too.

Have you seen the ads for IE? Have you switched back to IE? Have you ever left IE?! What’s the best browser for a website builder? Leave us a comment below.

  • http://www.whiskymerchants.co.uk Martin Long

    Like everyone else I originally started with IE.

    However I followed webeden advice and changed to firefox as I was always having crashes with IE due to believe it or not The local buses Timetable beacon -and emergency vehicle transmissions shutting down the computer . Only Happens with IE.

    With the last upgrade of firefox this browser became unreliable, freezing failing to start-However with a free Photo software download came Googles Chrome and I have been using it ever since it does have its moments freezing and flash crashes but it at least tells you what is happening and with a quick reopen it is working again

  • funtymee

    No IE8 is still as crap as any other IE, for development i use Firefox, because firebug is great, for leisure i use opera or chrome and when developing for the ipad or iphone i use safari.