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It’s finally here!

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Webeden is proud to announce that as from today you will be able to create new Webeden sites using Version 6 of our software. V6 is the latest update to our software which allows you to publish your Webeden site in glorious HTML5. Why is this so great you ask? Well it will allow your viewers to see your site with less noticeable difference on devices that do not support Flash. So you will be able to view your site as you would on iPad or iPhone (or any mobile device that supports HTML5) as you would on your desktop or laptop.

First of all we would like to thank all our valued and loyal Webeden customers who have stuck with us while we prepared the update. We fully sympathise with your frustrations you had with us caused by delays and further delays and then lack of information regarding when this release would finally arrive.

Please note, while we have tested V6 rigorously it is not yet feature-complete. Version 6 does not yet offer a blog, forums or membership features. These will be added later with future updates of our software. In the meantime there are workarounds, details can be found in our FAQs section.

So what else does Version 6 bring?

While Version 6 give you the ability to publish newly built sites in HTML5, it also allows you to Migrate old V5 sites to the new V6. As this involves changing from the old format to new, you willbe required to do some reformatting and editing post-migration. As stated earlier, some  features of V5 are yet to be available with V6  so it will be up to you whether to make the switch now and use the workarounds? Or wait till V6 gets updated with the features included.

New Footers have been added. This enables users to add a footer that appears constantly throughout your site.

What are the benefits of Version 6?

Well it allow you to view sites created using V6 to look the same across different devices, including tablets and smartphones, as they will be published using HTML5. However this is not the only benefit. It provides faster renering, more options for formatting text, new menu widgets and many more other feature improvements.

So how will this effect me?

This update will effect customers differently. If you are new to Webeden or create a new account with us, you will be given no option but to use the new improved V6 of our software. If you have existing V5 sites and you create a new site you will see the new V6 templates and can build using V6. If you login to edit your old V5 sites you will see the addition of a migrate button in the tool bar. You can then go ahead to preview your migrated site before committing. Please be aware that if you do choose to migrate your site from V5 to V6, the process is not reversible. 

So what features are not available/won’t work in Version 6?

As mentioned earlier, there are some features which are not yet available with V6 which are available with V5. For existing customers please take note of these before making the decision in migrating your site.

  • Forms – currently due for a future update (or customers can use Wufoo Smart widget or embed forms from Google Drive using the HTML Snippet widget)
  • Blog – Coming soon. For customers migrating V5 to V6, the blog page will be published but with no content. The latest version of your blog will be stored and we hope to enable your blog to be imported once the feature is released.
  • Image effects – These can be replaced by static images.
  • Membership – Site Admin restrictions are still available – depending on your package. General page restrictions to visitors, members or groups is due for a possible Q4 2013 release.
  • Slideshow – Another feature set for a future release.
  • Crop tools – We recommend that customers crop their images prior to uploading them to your site using third party  image editing tools or applications such as Microsoft Paint, or Paint.net
  • Juke Box – We recommend using Soundcloud.com
  • One Track – As above or you could use spotify.com to embed a single track or an entire playlist.
  • Chat Widget – chatango.com
  • Tables –  Spreadsheets (along with PDF, docs and more) can be uploaded to issuu.com who can then provide an embed code.
  • Forum – tal.ki can be used as an alternative.

If you currently use any of these features with your V5 site. You will have to decide whether to migrate now or wait. These features will be added over time with future releases to V6.

So when will these remaining V6 features be available?

We plan to bring these features over the course of this year and into 2014. We do not have any exact dates but will try to update you when we can. We appreciate your patience.

Can I preview the changes to my V5 before migrating to V6?

Yes. You will be able to see (but not edit) and navigate a V^ version of yor site before deciding whether to migrate or not. You can test what works and what doesn’t. Please note that once you do migrate to V6 there is not turning back, so please make sure you are ready.

What about the old mobile version and editor?

These will still be available and can be edited accordingly.

Is the V6 editor powered by HTML5?

No. The software is still powered by Flash. So to access your Webeden account or to edit your site, you will still need to do this via a device that supports Flash.

And finally.

We would like to thank you again for patience and support over the years. While this version of our software is by no means finished, we do hope you continue using Webeden to build your new sites.

Just a quick note, while we do endeavor to try and keep all the information accurate, the dates we provide are only there as guidance and deadlines are sometimes not met. We do apologise for frustration caused by delayed releases, but we assure you we do try our up-most to stick to them.

  • M People & Heather Small

    I like the idea of new menus and a footer too. Really hope the Blog will be one of your priorities as it is the main feature of my home page and I can’t wait till be able to migrate my site!

    • webeden

      Yes the blog is one of the priorities. It will hopefully integrated once we have sorted the Forms out.

  • webeden

    Yes the blog is one of the priorities. It will hopefully integrated once we have sorted the Forms out.

  • Holly

    Are there are known issues surrounding Wallpaper’s not displaying? In the migration preview mine does not

  • IF

    some re-editing???? How about “a full site rebuild”??????

  • Alison Cross

    I’m so glad that this has finally happened! I’ve got quite a bit of work to do to my sites to make them functional in V6. Is it worth storming ahead with the workarounds as you suggest or should I wait until the software has caught up? Will it take a long time for hte forms, blogs etc to be V6?

    Ali x

    • webeden

      Hi Alison, what I would do would be to create a new account with us so that you can build sites using Version 6 of our software, and then wait till we introduce the updates to our software, if using the workarounds is too much work. Using version 6 will help you decide. I cannot give you an estimate as to when the new updates will be implemented i’m afraid.

  • Debbie

    Are you going to increase the hosting fees when the new version is complete

    • webeden

      There are no immediate plans to change our pricing.

  • Mick

    Have moved three sites over to V6 and I have to say its great. Yes there’s a bit of editing to do but even with our biggest site (180+ pages) it only took a day to sort it out and what’s that compared to now having our beautiful sites visible on mobile devices? Well done to Webeden! Its been a long time coming but now its here! My only gripe is the web blog not being available but will look forward to it arriving at some point in the future!

  • Gary

    I am very pleased that you have finally enabled HTML5, as not having this was for us, a paying company customer, a reason to consider leaving Webeden. I have migrated a copy of one of our sites to see the impact on lay-out and I believe adapting it will be much less work than I thought beforehand; so positive!
    I cannot yet do the actual migration however because of the absence of the slide-show, a crucial element for our – visually centered – websites.
    I respect that you don’t commit to dead-lines in this no doubt complicated technical project but, for my company’s planning, I really would appreciate an indication as to when the slide-show function will be available.

    • Eleanor

      I too would love to know this as I also cannot migrate until image tools are available if you could please give us an indication.

  • Ben

    Is the membership login/sign up feature available yet?? If not when will it be?And what will happen to the existing members of the site – can they be emailed if i upgrade and the feature isn’t there??

    -Also, can the page navigator be changed to a horizontal layout (so the buttons go across rather then down?)


    • webeden

      No, the membership tools are not available yet but the tech guys are working on it. We have no ETA at the moment but will let you know if we hear anything.

      Yes you can have both horizontal and vertical navigation on your site.

  • paul

    Why has my updated site now reverted back to the old version?
    It looked great for a while but now it has the old mobile site.

    • webeden

      That’s odd. didn’t know it was possible. What is the URL of your site? and we will look into this for you.

  • Rich

    Wondering when Video player is likely to become available? My business does rather rely on it.

    • webeden

      Couldn’t really say. However it is quite simple to embed a video form a website such as Vimeo and youtube directly on your site using the HTML snippet tool.

  • Richard

    Are you updating your how to guide for V6? I’m building a new site and the only guidance I can find is out of date in certain areas.

    • webeden

      Hi, We are still in the process of updating the FAQ section when the Version 6 has been fleshed out more. IF you ned help then you can contact our support team or perhaps you can sign up to our forum and post a question there.

  • Teresa2

    I would like to move to v6 but there is such a lot of editing to do that my site would be out of action for some time I think. I have lots of PDF files all of which would have to be uploaded by some other method to a new site. Are there plans to make uploading files more simple than having to use the option suggested in the forum?

    • webeden

      Hi, Are you uploading the PDFs with the intention of your viewers to be able to download them?

  • Derek

    Hi I have created a form with Wufoo that collects data and I would like to then take this data and have it displayed on my site. Can I do this, may be by importing a csv or something

    • webeden

      mmm… interesting. What kind of data do you want to display. Does the Wufoo provide you codes to embed this data on your site. Short of asking Wufoo for help maybe you could email us your Wufoo logins and we can take a look. you can mail us on info@webeden.org

  • Andrea

    Hello, I have a few questions about changing to V6.
    I have a few sites on my account – can I change one or two to V6, or if I change one will it change them all?
    I want to experiment without committing my main site to V6, but I can’t do that if everything will change over.
    Also – will I be able to use pop-up gallery on V6? It’s my main reason for using webeden over other suppliers, because the pop-up gallery is so useful and my main image tool
    You say that some moving and formatting will be required – which is fine, but will all my pages be there and have the same information on, or will I lose everything that’s already uploaded?
    Thank you

    • webeden

      Hi Andrea,

      Here are the answers to your questions,
      You do not have to convert all sites within your account to V6. You can migrate them separately.
      Yes the Pop up tool is the same as version 5.
      Some information will be lost. The best thing to do would be to either duplicate your old site and then migrate the copy or ensure that you have downloaded and saved any files off the file manager first then migrating. Remember you do get a preview of Version 6 of your site before committing.

  • Andrea

    ps: it’s “how will this AFFECT me?” not effect. :)

  • dave

    Migrated to version 6 and lost most of my site information and videos. Followed all the instructions correctly and when i went back to see my site, it’s completely destroyed. What a nightmare!

  • robert

    Migrate preview cant find my site ??? now I cant find it on the net ???

    • webeden

      What is the URL of your site?

  • andrew

    hi, i really want to upgrade to the new version although i’m worried it will affect my google ranking. i embedded metadata and other things… (can’t remember all the technical lingo!)… will it be lost? I now rank really high and don’t want to go backwards.

    Many thanks.