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No dotCYM for Wales

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What is your domain extension? I mean the bit at the end – what your domain name ends in? Most of us in the UK are happy with a .co.uk (including WebEden), although some opt for the ‘global’ domain ‘.com. There are a load of others to choose from (just search for a domain name to see what choices there are).

The organisation that decides on and administers domain extensions is called the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN).

After a long campaign, ICANN have decided that Wales will not be given it’s own domain extension.

To the dismay of campaigners, and despite a load of campaign funds given by the Welsh assembly, .cym has just been assigned to the Cayman Islands.

The campaign for .CYM for Wales has been running since 2008, when ICANN decided to admit a load of new Top Level Domains (TLDs). TLDs are either generic (like .COM) or country specific (like .co.uk, .fr etc.)

dotCYM supporters believed that .cym for Wales would “play a strategic role in validating Welsh culture and language” and “make it easier for individuals and groups who wish to associate with the community to identify with other users around the world”.

There are already Welsh versions of Windows and Office, an apparently a Welsh Mac OS X will launch soon. But it’s the end of the road for .CYM.

Are you based in Wales? Do you think that Wales deserved a .CYM? Or does it not really matter? Leave us a comment below.

  • http://www.hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Alison Cross

    Is there going to be suffixes for Scotland, England and Norn Irn then?

    It doesn’t really bother me – the uk one is fine for most of my clients’ needs. Having a .sco or .cym is maybe a tld too far ;-)

    Ali x

  • http://www.colinswalestourism.co.uk Colin

    I live in Wales, however I see no real need for a suffix for Wales, I am quite happy with co.uk

  • Wynn

    Not necessarily dotCYM but maybe just dotCY. That’s not taken as for as I know. Except for wikipedia, I think.