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Why your business needs to be online?


Afternoon fellow website builders. How do you use your Webeden site? Do you use it to run your business? Well either way, we have put together this awesome infographic that pulls together some factoids which explains why you should be online. Hope you enjoy it and share with your friends and colleagues. And more importantly get building online with Webeden!


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It’s finally here!



Webeden is proud to announce that as from today you will be able to create new Webeden sites using Version 6 of our software. V6 is the latest update to our software which allows you to publish your Webeden site in glorious HTML5. Why is this so great you ask? Well it will allow your viewers to see your site with less noticeable difference on devices that do not support Flash. So you will be able to view your site as you would on iPad or iPhone (or any mobile device that supports HTML5) as you would on your desktop or laptop. Continue reading

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For all you Windows 8 Internet Explorer Users.


With the release of Windows 8 there have been changes with the way you install Flash on Internet Explorer. Basically Flash is now preinstalled on the operating system and you do not need to update it via Internet Explorer. (You still need to if you are using Firefox and Flash is preinstalled and updated automatically in Chrome). More details can be found here on the Adobe website.

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HTML5 Update


I think that all our Webeden customers are aware that our tech guys have been furiously working on an HTML5 version of Webeden since January 2012. Good news is that they are nearly there. We thought we would just keep you updated on the planned roll out schedule for this massive, and much anticipated update.


Why would I want to publish my site in HTML5?

HTML5 does not do everything Flash does. However it does seem that it is the future of Websites and it’s about time that we moved with the times. Publishing your website in HTML5 will make your site look great on not only desktops but tablets (yes, including iPads), plus the ability to view the full version or mobile optimised version of your site on mobile devices.


So when is this all happening?

While we had hoped for a September released, Continue reading

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Shop Builder Update

Archive Softwate Update

Well our developers have yet again come up with an update for all you lovely Webeden users. Here is a run down of the latest updates.


Adding variants is very easy indeed, you just need to update your shop widget first. You will need to click on SHOP on your toolbar, then click on the shop itself so the EDITOR box appears (like below) and click UPDATE then UPDATE WIDGET. You will need to do this for every part of your shop which you can do by using the drop down box above. Once that is done you go to your Product List on the Shop section and Edit that particular product. Then you will see a section called Product Options which will allow you to add variables to a maximum of 50.

Well this will give you far more flexibility with what you will offer to your customers. This is great if you offer a iPhone case in multiple colours, you can now add multiples to it as opposed to creating multiple products.

The great thing is that all these new features will replicate on a mobile and onto your Facebook shop :-)

So how about a cheeky Bonus!

So of our more eagle eyed users will have spotted this feature already but we have added a Duplicate Product section to the Shop Builder. This gives you the ability to easily duplicate a product in your editor so you do not have to manually create a similar product.

There will be more…..

The next big update will be the Mobile Editor, yes that’s right we will be dishing out a nice little editor for your Mobile Version. In Q3 this year we will be releasing all sites in HTML5 \m/ \m/ but in the meantime we will release a handy little editor just for the mobile version of your site. You will be able to include/exclude certain content and amend colours independent from your Desktop site. There are some more features coming very soon but will let you know about them very soon (as they deserve their own post).

Lastly, what we have fixed!

We fixed a number of bugs in this release, many of which were minor. The headline bug fixes were:

  1. Google Webmaster Tools verification code is again being added to the HTML
  2. You can now scroll again in edit mode across all supported browsers
  3. Facebook Shop image popup gallery is now working correctly again


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New shop builder release

Archive Softwate Update

Hey Webbies… We thought you would like a little update on a NEW release that was been pushed out on Tuesday.
We popped our heads around the door into the darkened room we keep the developers in and kindly asked if they had any updates for us. Here is what they said.

We know this has been a bug bare of many of you since we released the Shop Builder so we made sure that this was top priority on their list of to-do’s. The customer can now choose a quantity BEFORE they get to the payment gateway (which is much better).

(to activate this you will need to go to the Shopping Cart page, click on the widget itself and click UPDATE in the little editor box)


Shipping costs:

You can now change the shipping prices using one of three variables. Single Rate, Domestic shipping only or Domestic and International Rates. All can be accessed in the Settings section of the Shop Widget.

Tweaks to the Categories:

You now can hide any categories from your list so you can organise your products, and then link to hidden categories without them having to appear in the Category menu.

… and some new Shop templates  for you to use:

We have managed to update all the current shop templates too so they now include the new categories, quantities, shipping costs and payment options from this release.

Well that is it from us. We hope you enjoy all the updates, have a great Christmas holiday and see you all in the new year.

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New Services Launched

Archive Softwate Update

Sorry we have been a quiet on the Blog front for a little while but we have been hard at work finalising some of the biggest changes in Webeden’s history.

Soon (we hope in the next couple of weeks) we shall be launching our new Shop widget, this will be a HUGE update to the software and will make selling via your site much easier, but i shall leave this to another post once we have launched.

The new services are now located inside your toolbar, all you need to do is click on Services on the Toolbar and they are all located there.

As you can see the new services offered are all there to help you create a better looking or higher ranking site.

Webeden Images

If the images that are already supplied inside Webeden do not quite fit your Genre of site then why not take a look at some of the Thousands of images we now have on sale. Once you have purchased the image(s) simply upload to your site and away you go.


We have teamed up with an awesome SEO company called ClickSubmit. They will improve your rankings on all the major search engines and guarantee over 1000 Directory Listings which will also improve your ranking. As a Webeden customer you will receive 3 months FREE with no obligation to carry on after the 3 months, so it’s a no brainer.

Design Services

If you are having trouble with finishing off your website or just need a gentle nudge in the right direction then why not contact our Design Team who are happy to talk you through your design needs and requirements.


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