Webeden Blog Archive SMEs not online predicted to miss out on nearly £88billion this Christmas

SMEs not online predicted to miss out on nearly £88billion this Christmas



Christmas is only a few short weeks away and research predicts that small business that are not online during the Christmas period will miss out on £88 billion pounds. Opportunity for growth is huge, especially if you are a retailer. The record spending anticipated this holiday season means there has never been a better time to get your small business online.

This research conducted by Sage Pay predicts that online spending will surpass £13 billion for the first time ever this December. And whilst 92% of UK businesses declare themselves to be ‘online,’ only 59 per cent actually have a website. In today’s business economy, this statistic is shocking.

Furthermore, only one in three of these websites are able to complete transactions online. This leaves a vast majority of small business unable to take advantage of the anticipated influx in online consumer spending. Whilst creating an online presence is always a good idea for small businesses, there has never been a better time than now.

Regardless of what your business is, an online presence can only help your performance by giving consumers another access point to your products and services. Restaurants, hair dressers, clothing boutiques or whatever your businesses, everyone can benefit and increase custom by establishing your business online through the creation of a website. It is only becoming increasingly more important as business websites have become an expectation – a standard a business must meet to keep its customers content.

Although December is a few days away, you can still get online quickly to try to take advantage of this opportunity. Online spending is likely to continue through the new year and in 2015, so if you haven’t already, create a website today! If you already have a website, now is the time to update it and make it irresistible to shoppers. Once your website is good to go, get the word out about it. Include it on your business cards and share it on social media and get selling.