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The Greatest Story ever told



What is the biggest story in the world? The most well known, the one we’re all interested in, one that will be handed down from parent to child throughout the ages?

Is it the birth of Jesus? Or a biblical classic such as Noah’s Ark? What about something a bit closer to home: 1066 and all that? The battle of Britain? The story of England winning the world cup?

If you let Internet traffic answer this question, you’ll get an answer you didn’t expect.

The financial crisis has sparked an unprecedented interest in financial news. The Financial Times website FT.com has reported a 300 per cent growth in page views since the start of 2008.

And the BBC’s business pages recorded an all time peak after reports of the collapse of Lehman Brothers broke. The story headed ‘Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy got more than 1.9 million page views, which makes it the most popular story since the launch of the website.

OK, maybe not the greatest story ever told, but one thing is for sure: If you want more traffic on your site, makes sure you build a website that includes the latest financial bad news!