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Website of the Week: ChrissToeTappers.co.uk



I reckon its about time for another Website of the Week!

This time its ChrissToeTappers.co.uk by Chris Rhydder. I really like this site, despite the fact that it goes against a few design conventions.

To start wih Chris has used an intro page – which tends to be less common these days. But rather than preventing the visitor from getting to the content, it gives them a taste of the fun that lies behind it.

There’s lots of content on the site. Chris (a keen Twitter-er) has added his Twitter feed; there’s music; calendars; and some use of the HTML widget too.

Website address

When did you build your Site?

I began thinking about building a website at the beginning of 2009, but my site was finally launched on 1st March 2009. Since then I’ve made quite a few changes and have tried lots of different things to try and improve it for my visitors.

Why did you build your Site?

After Teaching Adult Tap Dancing for 25 years we finally felt that we should launch oursleves on the world wide web!! And it was also a great way to keep all our students updated without having to ring or write to them all the time!!

What do you like best about your Site?
I like the fact that it’s easy to maintain (because I’m NO Computer genius believe me!!).
I also like the face that it was straight forward & not too complicated to set up!! Made life much easier I can tell you!!!!

What is your Website tip?

Play around, experiment and have fun with your site when you get going!! Try lots of different features so that you get a feel of what works for your site!!
I’d also say that another tip is to make sure your site is clear and easily accessible for your visitors, as if it’s too complicated then it can put people off visiting!!

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