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Website of the Week: eopeace.org

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It’s about time for another ‘Website of the Week’!

This time we’ve got eopeace.org built by Fractal Design. Fractal are long time afficionados of the WebEden website builder, and eopeace.org is a simple and professional design. Over to Phil @ Fractal.

Website Address: http://www.eopeace.org/

When did you build your website? February 2010

Why did you build a website? It was for a client we are working with in Albania.

What do you like best about your website? I like the clean design and the featured photo boxes under the main menu

What is your best website building tip? Keep it clean and fresh, and minimize the content so the viewer doesn’t need to search through too much to find what they want.


Thanks Phil, great advice. If you want to be featured as our Website of the week, and get exposure to thousands of readers of the WebEden blog, visit the forum now!

  • http://hestiaslarder.blogspot.com Alison Cross

    I adore this name! Eagles of Peace – I have a quote about eagles from Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

    ‘The eagle loves to soar high above the world,
    not to look down on people,
    but in order to encourage them to look up’

    Great images, Phil :-)

    Ali x