Webeden Blog Archive Website of the Week: Jelliltd.com

Website of the Week: Jelliltd.com



It’s Tuesday so it must be about time for another ‘Website of the Week’.

This time around we’ve got the cool and clean jelliltd.com. Some of you might recognise that name as back in December Jelliltd.com won the competition to design WebEden’s very own Twitter background.

Website Address:


When did you build your website?

Sept 2009

Why did you build a website?

To advertise my graphic & web design business.

What do you like best about your website?

The way it flows between pages and how compact it is.. minimal scrolling!! Pet peeve!! Enjoy the flash elements too :)

What is your best website building tip?

Push the boundaries! Play on the theme of business/purpose and use that to create a site which represents you fully.. it’s not about being black and white and sticking to the ‘norm’.. it’s the grey areas in between where u can have fun!


Thanks Charli. If you want to be featured as our Website of the week, and get exposure to thousands of readers of the WebEden blog, visit the forum now!