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Website of the Week: oconelec.co.uk



Here’s another Website of the Week!

Here’s a bit of limelight for Plasma and LCD TV Installers oconelec.co.uk. Aside from being a big website and making great use of lots of features of our website builder, oconelec.co.uk have added in full ecommerce functionality. Its good to see.

Take a look (or if you’re in Aberdeen then why not get a Plasma TV installed!)

Website Address:

When did you build your website?

Why did you build a website?

I found that building my website actually reached more new customers than advertising in my local papers or national advertising magazines, now days people are more prone to do a web-search before anything else.
What do you like best about your website?
I like the fact that most customers have said they like how simple it was to work with & find what they wanted.

What is your best website building tip?

I would probably say include as much detail of what you are selling or advertising as possible, Customers are looking to be sold on your idea, show what you can give them.

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