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What were you searching for in 2010?



Yahoo have just published their ‘Year in Review’ showing what we were all searching for on Yahoo.co.uk in 2010. And it’s not the kind of stuff you would necessarily expect. Sure there’s some celebrity focus, but there’s some more serious stuff too.

Here’s the top 10 (#last year’s position)

1. Lottery (new entry)
2. Job Centre (#3)
3. Weather (new entry)
4. Big Brother (#1)
5. Cheryl Cole (#9)
6. TV guide (new entry)
7. World Cup (new entry)
8. Train times ( #10)
9. Katie Price (#8)
10. Horoscopes (new entry)

Richard Evans, Yahoo! News Editor commented: ‘Looking at the billions of searches made on yahoo.co.uk over the last year, two things jump out, One is that we are a worried nation, concerned about our futures as we enter an ‘age of austerity’. The second is that we find our escape from this worry through reality TV, entertainment and celebrity’

No doubt next year is going to feature some attention on the Royal Wedding.

When it comes to the celebrity top 10, here’s the order:

1. Cheryl Cole (#4)
2. Katie Price (#3)
3. Lady Gaga (#6)
4. John Terry (new entry)
5. Angelina Jolie (new entry)
6. Victoria Beckham (new entry)
7. Megan Fox (#10)
8. Justin Bieber (new entry)
9. Peter Andre (new entry)
10. Katy Perry (new entry)

Is there anything that we can learn as website builders? Well the main one is that if you write about the kind of things people talk about, you have a much better chance to appear in the Google search results and get traffic. Of course, it has to be relevant to your website – there’s not much point in attracting traffic from people looking for Cheryl Cole if you sell bathroom cabinets!

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Were these your top searches too, or have none of your common searches made it into the top 10?