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Where have you ‘Bing’ all my life?

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Last week Microsoft announced the beta launch of a brand new search engine called ‘Bing’, To those in the know this comes as no surprise, since there has been lots of chat amongst the Twitterati of a Microsoft search project with a code name of ‘Kumo’.

Whilst the search engines is now fully available for anyone to use, Microsoft are saying that Bing is very much in Beta, and that there is still a lot more to come.

Bing has a few new features, some of which are complete innovations and others which appear to be recycled ideas tried by others in the field.

There’s something called ‘Best Match’ which shows you the best result for popular search queries that other people are performing, And another one called Instant Answers, which gives you the answer to a question actually in the content of the results page, rather than referring you to other websites that might contain the answer,

This second one at least appears to be very similar to the kind of thing recent upstart Wolphram Alpha has been trying to perfect.

Microsoft for its part is anxious to stress that Bing is still only in early stage development, and that there is still much more to come. Bing will be building data based on what consumers search and click on, and then using that data to refine the results it shows. A Microsoft spokesman said that they wanted “to help people find the shortest distance from their initial search query to the point of making an informed decision.”

Have you tried Bing yet? Give it a go, find out if its any good, and leave your comments below.

  • http://omwww.stayattherock.cop Chris Lathan


    I have just registered my site with Bing

    but bing wanted me to state the asdress of my site map? WEbsite maker I thought did this automatically so do I have to do anything ?

    Also I have to past some HTML text onto my site to prove I was the owner (detailed below) how do I do this ? do I need to do this?

    Thanks Chris

    Authenticate Ownership of Website

    Site list
    Related tools

    * Robots.txt validator
    * HTTP verifier
    * Keyword research tool

    Webmaster resources

    * Forum
    * Blog
    * Help

    Authenticate your ownership of your website
    Webmaster Center requires authentication to ensure that only the rightful owners are provided with information about their websites.

    There are two ways to prepare your website for authentication, both of which rely on your adding an authentication code on your website.

    XML file authentication
    Bing provides a custom XML file containing your authentication code that you can save to the root folder of your website.

    Download XML Verification file

    File name: LiveSearchSiteAuth.xml
    File contents:

  • admin

    Hi Chris,

    With regards to the Sitemap you are right every Webeden site has a Sitemap attached.

    Your Sitemap is located http://www.yoursite.com/sitemap.xml

    So all you need is your Domain name plus /sitemap.xml and that is it.

    Also at this moment in time there is no way of Authenticating the ownership of the site within Bing. As they require you to upload an XML file to the root folder which cannot be done and also you will not be able to place the Meta information in the section of your site.

    You can do this with Google Webmaster Tools but unfortunately not with Bing Webmaster Tools.

    Bing only makes up 1% of the UK search market at the moment, so we want to see how that changes before we develop specific tools for it, in the same way as we have for Google (which is 88% of the UK search market) .

    I hope that helps.