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3 great tips to keep your small business organised

Building a Business

Your small business’ organisation sets the tone for your company’s success in the long run. In the early days of launching your small business, organisation and communication is achieved a lot more easily because of the small number of employees. It is however crucial to establish a routine for organisation that can grow as your business grows. Here are three key tips to keep your business organised:

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6 Tips to improve your small business’s Facebook presence

Social Media

Most businesses today have a social media presence and Facebook is at the forefront with more than 40 million active small businesses pages. But how much effort are you devoting to optimising your Facebook page and engaging your followers and friends? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your page or even posted something, this could mean major lost opportunities for your small business. Here are six quick tips to help you improve your small business’s Facebook presence. Continue reading

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How to improve your confidence in business

Building a Business How To

Your confidence has a huge impact on your small business’s success. Confidence will help convince customers to buy from you and it will determine hoe effectively you manage your employees and engage with investors and partners.

Some people seem to have been born confident, but for most it’s a learned skill that can always be built upon and improved. Here are five great tips to help you develop and improve your confidence: Continue reading

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5 great tips to help you spend less time on emails


Emails can be incredibly time consuming in our everyday life, especially if you are trying to run your own business. Not only that, but they are incredibly distracting, taking away your time and focus from more important tasks. To help manage your time more efficiently, reduce stress, and increase productivity, here are five great tips to help you spend less time checking and sending emails: Continue reading

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4 essential tips to improve your email marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Email

Email marketing presents a great opportunity for small businesses to engage potential and previous customers. However, in order to truly be effective for your business, these marketing efforts need to be designed and implemented correctly. Here are our five tips to make your email marketing campaigns more effective for your business: Continue reading

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5 tips to help make your business seem more professional

Building a Business

First impressions are everything when you are a small business trying to convince clients to hire you. Unfortunately, it is still common to underestimate small businesses and for small businesses, in turn, to miss some basic key points in creating the right image for their business. Presenting a professional image ensures customers see past your size and instead focus on your capabilities and product/service offering; here’s how: Continue reading

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5 deadly small business mistakes to avoid

Building a Business

Launching a new business is enticing in many ways but it’s also incredibly risky. Especially when about half of all businesses fail within the first five years. Starting and running a small business is incredibly complex and there are many challenges to navigate; to make it all a little bit easier, here are some key mistakes to be aware of and avoid to ensure long standing success: Continue reading

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How to create an effective About Us page


The About Us page on your website is one of the most visited pages, especially for small businesses. Potential customers will take cues from this page to judge your company. It is important that every page on your website is compelling and facilitates the selling of your products and services, and your About Us page is no different! There are several elements which can really make your About Us page work for your business, keep reading for our top tips. Continue reading

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How to achieve and maintain a work-life balance

How To

It has become increasingly common to have very demanding jobs that expect you to be accessible every hour of the day. This has made it more important than ever to work on creating a healthy work-life balance.

Work-life balance isn’t just for working mothers anymore, even young professionals need to work on achieving a balance between their professional and personal life. Finding and maintaining this balance is especially important to small business owners or professionals running their businesses from home. Here are easy ways to help you get the balance you need: Continue reading

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