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For all you Windows 8 Internet Explorer Users.


With the release of Windows 8 there have been changes with the way you install Flash on Internet Explorer. Basically Flash is now preinstalled on the operating system and you do not need to update it via Internet Explorer. (You still need to if you are using Firefox and Flash is preinstalled and updated automatically in Chrome). More details can be found here on the Adobe website.

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Six things your website needs to get right!

Web Design

The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Here at Webeden I have seen The Good, The Bad and The Ugly of websites. While a large number of customers use Webeden to build personal sites, the majority of our customers use Webeden to build sites for their businesses. If your site is for a business, large or small, there are a number of things you should keep in mind when building your site.

Here is a check list of simple changes you can make to your site with minimum effort but maximum impact. Continue reading

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Getting your business ranked high in internet search engine results is very important. But you don’t necessarily need to pay for it. You can do it yourself.

It’s not so dark if you open your eyes…

Just mention Search Engine Optimisation and you can guarantee someone will follow up with ‘SEO is a dark art’. True, there are plenty of shady characters peddling SEO skills, and certainly some ‘black hat’ SEO techniques (more on those later), but SEO really just needs a little time and some knowledge of how search engines work.

We’ll use Google as example for this article as it generates over 90% of search engine traffic worldwide and also because what works for Google will generally work for Bing and Yahoo as well.

The reason it’s an art form of sorts is the fact that, although you can do things to increase your chances of ranking well, the algorithm Google uses is never fully revealed and regularly updates. Google is trying to achieve better results for human users, so while it’s important to be aware of technical aspects, never forget about the person in front of the monitor at the other end. Interesting and informative content will always be at the heart of high-ranking sites.

Let’s start with the areas you most control…

Meta data is one area where you have complete control. Continue reading

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HTML5 Update


I think that all our Webeden customers are aware that our tech guys have been furiously working on an HTML5 version of Webeden since January 2012. Good news is that they are nearly there. We thought we would just keep you updated on the planned roll out schedule for this massive, and much anticipated update.


Why would I want to publish my site in HTML5?

HTML5 does not do everything Flash does. However it does seem that it is the future of Websites and it’s about time that we moved with the times. Publishing your website in HTML5 will make your site look great on not only desktops but tablets (yes, including iPads), plus the ability to view the full version or mobile optimised version of your site on mobile devices.


So when is this all happening?

While we had hoped for a September released, Continue reading

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Scheduled Downtime 13th September 11am BST


On the 13th September we are updating our core software, which means there will be around 10 minutes of downtime.


We require the downtime in order to make some database changes.


While we expect the changes to take less than 10 minutes to complete, we’ve giving notice for downtime between 11:00 and 11:30 BST.


During this time, Siteleaders will not be able to login to their sites and visitors to sites will see an unbranded page letting them know that essential maintenance is underway and that they should return later.


Thanks for your patience – it’s appreciated.

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New File Manager Released

Softwate Update

Well haven’t the developers been busy? One day they’re producing a loading of new templates. The next they’re coming out with a new file manager!

The new file manager really does make it a lot easy to find, access and use all the different additions to your website. All your files are now displayed in List View…

…or in thumbnail view:

In List View you can sort by name, size, upload date and file type.

It’s also easy to increase or reduce the size of the window, making it possible to see more of your files.

You get more detailed feedback about how each upload is progressing, and you can also drag files around from one folder to another.

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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Even more new Templates!

Softwate Update

The developers and designers have got the wind beneath their wings at the moment. OK, so ecommerce isn’t quite ready, but this year we’ve had the mobile version, two lots of templates, and most recently the blog.

This time it’s a minor release. We’ve added the blog feature to around 30 more templates. And we’ve got these great new templates for you too:

Take a look and let us know what you think!

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WebEden Wins Web User Silver Award

Softwate Update

Have you seen the latest issue of Web User magazine?

We’re very happy to say that in the Online Website Builder Group Test WebEden was given Silver!

We beat many other website builders from some of the biggest names in the business. It’s a proud day for everyone here at WebEden!

My thanks go to both you, the customers (without whom all this would be pointless!) and of course the developers, hard at work in the windowless box…

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