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So how did we end up with QWERTY?


As you now sit and stare at your keyboard, do you ever wonder where where this keyboard layout came from?

It is imprinted into millions of peoples brains and fingers but not many of them know the history of the keyboard layout. It has pretty much not change sine the 1870’s when a Milwaukee port official named Christopher Sholes created a new type of typewriter.

His first attempts failed as many keys crashed together due to their formation of certain characters. Sholes -worked tirelessly until he discovered the perfect formation, with Q-W-E-R-T-Y as the first 6 characters. Sholes entered into many competitions with his typewriter where typists would battle it out to achieve the highest word counts (well had to entertain themselves somehow).

In 1873 Remington decided to adopt the typewriter and quickly used all over the US and Europe and the rest is history.

In the 1930’s August Dvorak introduced a new type of keyboard layout which may have spelled (no pun intended) the end of the QWERTY layout if it was not for the fact that the QWERTY layout had already been adopted by many offices over the US and Europe.

So is the Facebook vs Google war going to end up with just one winner let us know and comment or tweet us @webeden

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How to set up Website Search on your WebEden Website.

Softwate Update

“Can I insert a search box on my WebEden site” is a question us guys and gals at WebEden get asked on a regular basis.

And the answer is yes: you can use the Google search bar that is located in the library of your website builder.

Unfortunately there’s a shortcoming: this does search your website, but will only search those pages that have been indexed by Google.

If they haven’t been found and indexed by Google (for example if they are very recent, or are not well linked), then the Google search bar will not yield any results. As our SEO guide will tell you, Google can take up to 3 months to find and crawl your site so it can be a long wait before your website is fully searchable.

We’ve been scratching our heads to find a way around this problem, and we’ve just come up with a solution.

Drum roll…

[Enter Stage Left]: Atomz Site Search. Atomz have created a FREE Premier site search tool that crawls your site the moment you sign up. It grabs the Page Title – Description from your pages and displays them just like Google does.

To put this search facility on your website, you need to sign up on You get to pick which type of search box you require from standard to advanced dependant on how detailed you would like the user to be able search.  Also you can change the colours of the links so they match the colour of your website.

HTML Snippet

Once you have setup everything with Atomz, grab the HTML code they give you, and paste the code into the WebEden HTML Snippet. In case you didn’t know, the HTML Snippet is located in the Library of your File Manager.

Once you have pasted the code in you will need to make just one change to the code in order for the results to appear properly.

In the line of code that has <form method="get" action=""> you will need to add target="_parent" so it looks like this <form method="get" action="" target="_parent">.

If you do not do this change then the search will open occur within the snippet rather than the whole website.

That’s it.

Have a go adding the Atomz search box and let us know how you get on. Or if you know a better solution then please comment below.

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Cheap Website Icons thanks to ICON FINDER

Softwate Update


You want to use icons on your website. You have a look at word and see what icons and clip Art came with your computer.

And what do you find? Not much of any use!

You then turn to the web, searching and scouring through the net trying to find the perfect icons for your web site. At best you only find a few icons in each set.

That’s where Icon Finder comes in.

Iconfinder provides high quality icons for web designers and developers in an easy and efficient way.

You can search through 147,174 icons or browse 417 icon sets – which ar constantly expanding.

This is a great place to find FREE icon packs for your website builder. It gives you the ability to search for a particular icon e.g. TWITTER. This will bring up hundreds of Twitter icons.

Once you have found the icon you were searching for you can then view the ICON PACK, this will give you all the icons that are designed in the same way.

So you can see all the icons for facebook, stumbleupon and RSS to name but a few.

This will make your site look more universal rather than having a Twitter logo designed one way and a Facebook logo designed another way.

Some packs do have licences which means you can use them for Personal Use only or you may have to provide a link back to the Author of the icons.

You can even download the .ico version of the image, so if you are using windows you can use them for folder images as alternatives to the standard folder symbol that you get.

Hey if you designed some Icons yourself then why not submit them and share them with the world? You could maybe even ask for a link back to your WebEden website!

Well if you decide to use any of these icons, let us know…

If you have any sites that offer the same or something similar then post a comment and help out your fellow designers.

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Google Map widget error!

Google Products

Google map error

As some of you will be aware the Google Map widget on your sites have come up with a zoom error.

This is due to Google changing it’s API (and failing to let everyone know) recently and throwing our maps into disarray.

Our tech guys are onto the issue and will update you soon with any info on when they are likely to be back on-line.

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