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3 great tips to keep your small business organised


Building a Business

Your small business’ organisation sets the tone for your company’s success in the long run. In the early days of launching your small business, organisation and communication is achieved a lot more easily because of the small number of employees. It is however crucial to establish a routine for organisation that can grow as your business grows. Here are three key tips to keep your business organised:

1- Establish daily meetings

Even if you are a small organisation, holding daily meetings in the morning to discuss important upcoming tasks is a key way to keep your business organised, focusing on the most pressing matters and ensuring productivity.

However, to ensure these meetings are truly productive, these meetings should be short and to the point.

2- Keep your desk clear

Encourage clean desks in the office by setting a good example. Having a tidy, organised desk allows you to keep an overview of tasks and find relevant documents and information more quickly and easily. Actively encourage your employees to keep their desks and office spaces tidy by dedicating time for them to clear their desks – Wednesday afternoon, just before the end of the day for example.

If your job involves a lot of paperwork, commit to organising your desk every day. This is especially important if clients visit your office regularly!

3- Use cloud services

In recent years technology has advanced at an incredible rate, this means it can be difficult (and expansive) to keep up with the current and best technology. It is however important to make use of technology that can improve the running and functioning of your business. The most important such technology for small businesses are cloud services like Dropbox, SugarSync, or Google Drive.

These services allow you to easily store and access files across departments and devices which enables your small business to stay organised on the go. These services also eliminate the need for hard copies, reducing paper waste and stacks of paper cluttered on your desk.


Every small business has specific organisational needs. It is important to  establish the most pressing matters and commit to keeping your small business organized, helping it succeed and expand in the long term.