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You Have Created a Website! How to Make it Popular?

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Creating a website is not that humungous a job as it used to be a decade ago. You do not need to be an expert coder in PHP or ASP.NET to create a workable website for users to see. Today you can accomplish the job with the help of online tools which give you drag and drop features to create your website.


With so much ease introduced in creating a website, the focus of a successful website has shifted from its creation to how successfully it is marketed. In today’s cyber domain, a website which is more successfully marketed earns more. No matter how spectacular a site you create, but if it does not reach out to people effectively it cannot bring you the desired dividends. For example, when you type a search on have you ever wondered why certain sites appear on the first page and why some on the tenth? The sites appearing on the first page have a far greater chance of being visited by the users than the one located on the tenth page. They have a much more opportunity to be popular. Here we would

suggest you certain tips on how to promote your website in a manner so that its ranking gets improved over the cyber search domains such as


  1. Correct content

In order to improve the ranking of your website, you first need to understand the principles on which the web search engines work. Google for example has soft wares called crawlers which roam around the cyber space and crawl various websites for specific key words. They are like ants which are looking for specific type of bread crumbs. If you want your site to get popular you must feed those ants with the correct bread crumbs! For your site to be picked up by Google, you need to tailor your content to contain those specific keywords that pertain to your product or concept. The greater number of keywords you have the more chances are that your website will be picked and ranked better by the search engine. Moreover, correct tags also make your website prominent.

  1. Back Links

Another algorithm used by Google for ranking websites is to see how many times the website has been accessed from other popular websites. For example a popular website having your back link on it will bring more visitors to your site also, and thus improve your ranking in Google charts. Thus creating back links for your website on other popular websites is also a booster for your ranking.


  1. Consistency

As in the real world, this phenomenon of consistency pays off in the cyber world also. Lots of websites are created each month but those sites fizzle out to anonymity due to the fact that after some time their owners or administrators abandon them. They do not update them regularly, nor provide fresh relevant material that could again be searched by Google or promoted elsewhere. Remain consistent and update your site regularly with relevant tags, keywords, current material which can catch the attention of Google crawlers.

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6 Tips to improve your small business’s Facebook presence

Social Media

Most businesses today have a social media presence and Facebook is at the forefront with more than 40 million active small businesses pages. But how much effort are you devoting to optimising your Facebook page and engaging your followers and friends? If it’s been a while since you’ve updated your page or even posted something, this could mean major lost opportunities for your small business. Here are six quick tips to help you improve your small business’s Facebook presence. Continue reading

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4 essential tips to improve your email marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing Email

Email marketing presents a great opportunity for small businesses to engage potential and previous customers. However, in order to truly be effective for your business, these marketing efforts need to be designed and implemented correctly. Here are our five tips to make your email marketing campaigns more effective for your business: Continue reading

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How to get the most out of your social media accounts

Social Media

Most every company has realised the value of social media as a business tool. There are many benefits to using social media platforms for your business: it’s free, got a wide reach, and relatively easy to learn. However, many organisations still aren’t taking full advantage of this opportunity – social media can be much more than just posting to promote your company! Here are all the ways social media can support your business: Continue reading

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How to build an email list

Digital Marketing Email Newsletters

Email is a very effective way of reaching and engaging your customers, it can increase your website’s return traffic and e-commerce revenues. Arguably the easiest way to build an email list is through a newsletter signup on your website; it’s a fantastic way to start as engaged visitors enter their email to stay up to date. Here are some of our tips to help foster signups on your website and offline to help build your email list: Continue reading

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6 tips to help improve your website’s conversion rate

Archive Optimization

Having a high conversion rate, meaning that many of your website visitors are completing transactions and purchasing from your site, is crucial to success for businesses who depend on their online presence. Getting a ton of site visitors is useless if you are unable to turn around and convert them into customers. To help facilitate this, here are six simple tips to help improve your website’s conversion rate: Continue reading

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8 Words that Motivate People to Buy

Copywriting Digital Marketing

Advertisement copy can make the difference between a successful promotion and an ineffective one. When done correctly, it can grab the attention of readers and help your business stand out among the sea of ads people are exposed to daily. It can also entice interest in your business’ offering and motivate people spend their money. To help you get started writing effective ad copy, here are eight words that make people buy: Continue reading

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4 reasons businesses need to prioritise user experience

Social Media Web Design

Last year, user experience became the main priority for online businesses even more so than before. Among them were online giants Facebook and Google, who took major steps to improve the user experience of their websites. For Facebook this meant taking steps to prevent or penalise misleading ‘click-bait’ headlines and for Google it meant a crack down on ‘black-hat’ or misleading search engine optimisations (SEO). Continue reading

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