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We reported previously that Microsoft’s newest search engine Bing had had a strong entry into the US market. And early data from Hitwise indicated that in the UK too it was do(b)ing pretty well, despite that lack of advertising support.

But more comprehensive data from Neilsen out this week shows that far from taking the UK market by storm, Bing is making little headway this side of the pond.

Whilst Bing reached 7 million unique visitors in May, that figure had dropped to just 6.4 million in June, down 7.7%. This decline reflects research published earlier this month by JP Morgan indicating that whilst users were prepared to try Bing out, they were far less likely to make a permanent switch away from Google.

In terms of ranking by unique users, this puts Bing 5th in the UK market behind Google, Google Image Search, Yahoo and Ask.com.

“While it’s very early days, Bing has no impact on the UK search results and hasn’t caused a ripple effect. The market remains very stable and hasn’t changed much in the past couple of years” said Alex Burmaster, European internet analyst at The Nielsen Company,.

Google continued to dominate, increasing its user base by 2.2% in June, with 31.6 million unique visitors.

In the UK we are yet to see the impact of Microsoft’s’ planned marketing activity for Bing, due here in the new year. Whilst it feels like we’re been talking about Bing for a while, ask your non-techie friends if they’ve ever heard of it – I bet you the answer would be no. And now of course with Microsoft and Yahoo combining their search business in the next few months, maybe Microsoft is less concerned about Bing standing on its own two feet, since it will become the default search engine on Yahoo too.

Have you been tempted away from Google? Does Bing have a feature you particularly like? Leave us a comment below.

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