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Google launches AdWords Website for Small Business


Digital Marketing

Do you use Google AdWords or Pay Per Click advertising to drive visitors to your website? The good news is that Google have launched a website to help you get more from AdWords.

The AdWords Small Business Center is a central learning hub that details AdWords best practice and gives you top tips to get a successful AdWords account.

It helps all-comers

It doesn’t matter whether you’re just starting out or an ad advanced user, there are insightful topics to help everyone get more from AdWords. These include strategies, writing compelling ads, and ways in which you can improve your website.

Keep up-to-date

The well-known ‘Inside AdWords’ blog is also streamed on the site, allowing you to read about new products, the latest trends, and how to take advantage to help your business.

Talk about it

Thanksto the recently launched AdWords Small Business Corner, you can also discuss ideas and advice with other SMEs. You can help others out, or find out what worked for their business.

We do that too

You may have noticed that WebEden recently launched a low cost AdWords PPC Service. Our team of AdWords pros are helping hundreds of SMEs to drive new visitors to their website. So if you want to use PPC to boost your traffic, but haven’t got the time to engage on the forum, take a look at our packages and then give us a call.