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‘Google’ named ‘word of the decade’


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Google – a word that few of us had heard of ten years ago – is now so deeply embedded in our lives that there are some conversations that can’t take place without it.

It’s impossible to talk about the Internet without mentioning ‘Google’.

It’s hard to talk about finding stuff without mentioning Google

And any type of information reference has trouble slipping by without someone mentioning Google…

Word of the Decade

So perhaps it’s hardly surprising that the American Dialect Society has picked the verb as the most important word of the last 10 years.

The Society looks at the use of English in North America.

The Society’s members voted the verb ‘Google’ – meaning to search the internet – to the number 1 spot. Other technology runner ups were ‘blog’, ‘wi-fi’, and ‘text’.

Grant Barrett, chair of the New Words Committee of the American Dialect Societ” said “I really thought ‘blog’ would take the honours in the word of the decade category, but more people Google than blog, don’t they?”

“Plus, many people think ‘blog’ just sounds ugly. Maybe Google’s trademark lawyers would have preferred it, anyway,” he added.

Word of 2009

The society also voted on the word of 2009. This time it was the chance for Twitter to shine, with ‘tweet’ nabbing number 1.

2nd place in the 2009 vote was ‘fail’, a “noun or interjection describing something egregiously unsuccessful” according to the society.

Word of the 90s

Technology words frequently dominated the ‘words of the 90s’ with annual winners including ‘web’, ‘Y2K’, ‘cyber’, ‘information superhighway’, and ‘e’. But it’s been 10 years since a technology word has won.

In 1995 the society showed its forward thinking by saying that ‘World Wide Web’ would be the one “most likely to succeed”.

Does Google take top spot for you?  Or do you have a favourite you’d like to put forward? Is WebEden your favourite, just like it is mine ;-) Leave us a comment below.