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Google the Innovator – part 1


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One reason why Google has remained ahead in the search game has been their level of innovation. Whilst other companies concentrate solely on doing what they do better, Google also has an eye on the future. Their rate of innovation is so great that they actually launched 360 new products last year – what other company could boast that?

Part of the culture of innovation that Google fosters is their idea of ‘me time’, a block of time every week that Google engineers can devote to their own pet projects. Its from these projects that new Google ideas often come.

Google held an even last week that showed that the information they hold is about a lot more than just search engines. “Google Searchology” was also an opportunity to showcase some new features.

First up is ‘search options’. These sit in a sidebar on the main results page, and allows you to refine your search by looking at just videos, forums, reviews, or even just new pages added in the last week.

The feature that Google were keen to highlight is the ‘reviews’ search. If you choose to just search reviews, the results pages show special snippets obtained using “sentiment analysis”. This is Google’s analysis of what people are saying about a particular product or service, often obtained from reviews.

You can find if the reviewer liked a certain product or service, the main advantages and disadvantages and other ‘opinionated excerpts’.

This is looks like being a really good opportunity to boost the amount of traffic you can get from the search engines. Those websites with the best reviews are going to be the ones that generate more clicks. Therefore, if you get a customers or visitor to your website saying something positive about your site, then ask them to leave a review on a well known review site.

Here’s a list of the biggest UK reviews sites, courtesy of SEOmoz.org:


Not all will be relevant to your site: if not, search for reviews sites in your market in order to identify the best ones. In order to find a review site relevant to you, search for ‘your industry + reviews”.

A site with just a few great reviews will find a significant boost in traffic from people carrying out this type of search.

Have you found any good reviews sites that might boost your search engine traffic, and that you want to share here? Leave us a comment below