Webeden Blog Google Products ‘Googlefail’ shows that even the mighty can make mistakes

‘Googlefail’ shows that even the mighty can make mistakes


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If you’re a keen user of Google, Gmail or YouTube you may have noticed a black hole last week. What Google are describing as a network ‘traffic jam’ caused all services to go down for the best part of an hour.

Google described the error as ’embarrassing’. If I was making $1m a minute from my website, I’d call it a few other things too.

A systems error meant all data services got routed through Asia, which created a virtual traffic jam of information.

A senior VP for Google described it like this “Imagine if you were trying to fly from New York to San Francisco, but your plane was routed through an airport in Asia. And a bunch of other planes were sent that way too, so your flight was backed up and your journey took much longer than expected. That’s basically what happened to some of our users today for about an hour, starting at 7:48am Pacific time [3:48pm UK time].”

Google also said that they would work diligently to avoid future downtime. Once again, I could come up with other adjectives.

Lots of users flocked to Twitter to make as much as possible of the big ‘G’s fallibility. “Googlefail” rapidly became the most discussed topic.

Did you notice the failure? Do you depend on Google services? Should companies be held accountable to this kind of outage? Leave us a comment below.